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Recertified Optical Comparators

We have New and Recertified Machines in stock. We can get you almost any Optical Comparator you may need. Machines come with choice of chart style and choice of lens 10x - 62.50x. There is additional charges for 5x, 100x and higher lenses.

Recertified Optical Comparators

Each Optical Comparator has been thoroughly cleaned, repaired, painted and inspected to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Each machine also has a 1 year warranty.

Each Comparator includes a minimum of the following:

  • Manual Horizontal Threadless Leadscrew
  • ACU-RITE® Glass Measuring Scales (.0001" resolution)
  • Choice of 1 Magnification Lens (10x - 62.50x)
  • 2 Axis Digital Readout (DRO-100G)
  • Reground and Rechromed Staging Table (as needed)
  • Choice of Glass Chart (from our chart and fixture catalog)

Some available options are:

  • Power Threadless Leadscrew
  • Digital Readout Display Unit Upgrade
  • ACU-RITE Glass Scale Upgrade (.00005" resolution)
  • Power Elevation
  • Additional Magnification Lenses
  • Surface Illumination (OEM or Fiberoptic)

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RFQ: Recertified! J&L Epic-50. 50" Diameter viewing screen, 12" horizontal travel, 9" vertical travel. 8 1/2" x 32 horizontal staging table. QC-2200 Geo-Computational digital readout system. Power horizontal, Power vertical elevation. 10x, 20x,31.25x, 50x, 62.50x, and 100x magnification lenses. Mercury Arc projection lamp system. Surface Illumination.


RFQ:  Although this machine was sold we can supply similar machines.
Used or Recertified! OGP QL-30c: Power Horizontal and Vertical Axis'
10X,20X,50X Magnification Lenses. 12" Horizontal Travel 6" Vertical Travel. Projection and Surface illumination - Mercury Arc Lamp Source Clip Plus Measuring Features.


RFQ: Recertified! J&L Epic-220: Available lenses 10x, 20x, 31.25x, 50x, 62.5x and 100x. Table is 8"x36" and has 12" travel horizontally. Vertical 9" travel. Power leadscrew, internal lens turret and QC-2000 digital readout with horizontal and vertical glass scales. Surface illumination. 


RFQ: Recertified! J&L FC-30: Available lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x, 50x, 62.50x and 100x. Table is 8"x36" and has 8" travel horizontally. Vertical 8" capacity with 4" travel.


RFQ: Recertified! J&L TC-10: Available lenses 10x, 20x, 31.25x, 50x, 62.50x. Travel is 2" horizontally and 2" vertically.


RFQ: Recertified! J&L CLS-120: Available lenses: 10x, 20x, 31.25x, 50x, 62.50x and 100x. Power table travel is 8"  horizontally. Power  vertical has 6" travel. Digital readout with glass scales included.


RFQ: Recertified! J&L PC-14A: Available lenses: 10x, 20x, 31.25x, 50x, 62.50x, and 100x. Table travel is 8" horizontally and 4" vertically. Optional power vertical and horizontal. Optional threadless manual leadscrew. Digital readout optional.